Today: an update on phone call tracking via Komobility. 

Offline marketing is definitively not dead and while we are digital marketing evangelists, we do appreciate the value and need for traditional advertising; whether that is posters on the underground, hoardings, brochures at marketing suites, flyers at exhibitions and so on.

Both for online and offline marketing, generating response via inbound phone calls remains a key option, and with our built-in call tracking, you can benefit from easy CRM and analytics integration.

A key benefit of being masters of our eCRM platform is that we are able to continually add a variety of features to meet the needs of our clients. Here is one we have recently completed: integrated call tracking with Komobility.

How it works?

We provide the 0843 or 020 numbers as required for your account and campaigns.
Any phone calls coming in are instantly forwarded to your actual hotlines, be it a sales team phone line or a call center. As it is forwarded, we record the instance of the phone call, its destination number (for reporting) and where possible, the originating phone number, i.e. the caller’s number.


The Marketing Sources report then provides you the detail of which campaign (phone number) generated which calls, and when - simple!

What are the Benefits?

Easily measure and compare performance of your inbound call activity, across multiple campaigns and channels.

For example, you could use one for posters on the tube, another for ads in newspapers, a different number for hoarding, etc.

Additionally, rather than relying on your phone team representatives to check and note down the caller’s source, you can reliably track how many calls came in for your campaign with our report.

Want it?

Get in touch with the Kodime team to find out how we can add call tracking to your account.