We're happy to announce SMS to Email Notifications.

Your Komobility account provides full two-way SMS text messaging, including inbound SMS in freeform or with a keyword. Your own and/or any other email addresses you define can now receive an instant email notification when SMS messages are received in your account, for example responses.

Example: You send a text message reminder to remind about an appointment. Last minute, the recipient sends an SMS text back saying they can't make it. This response will be instantly forwarded via email to your designated email address as an SMS to Email Notification.

What's the benefit? 

Beyond the convenience of receiving SMS straight into your email inbox, another key benefit is that recipients do not have to be Komobility users. And, even when offsite or not online, you can still receive SMS responses and adjust plans accordingly when needed. 

How to get started

Simply notify the Kodime team with the list of email addresses to be notified and we'll set it up.