Komobility now has tag generated SMS Autoresponders.

How does it work?

This new feature generates an SMS Autoresponder for subscribers when they are assigned a specific tag. The concept is identical to the existing feature of Email Autoresponders, simply using the mobile data channel as an alternative or add on, as appropriate.

For example: A subscriber can be set a tag which will automatically send an SMS text message acknowledgement after completing a form. 

What's the benefit?

The SMS Message is now linked with your campaign tag. Each time the tag is added to an existing or new subscriber, the platform will check whether that subscriber has a valid UK mobile number, and if yes, send the matching SMS message. If you have used dynamic fields when defining your SMS Template, these will be filled with the subscriber’s details.

How to get started

It’s easy to test the new feature. You will need to have an SMS template, a campaign tag and a subscriber account. We have a step by step guide that includes all the details.