Tags are a big thing in Komobility, to profile and segment Subscribers - leads, prospects and customers - based on their source, actions and ongoing engagement.

Campaign Tags are always common across one account, so if a Subscriber is tagged with a campaign say “Greenwich Park”, everyone in the team can find and work with that Subscriber via the Campaign Manager and Subscriber Search.

However, for some more targeted sales scenarios, for example phone call follow ups, where a user wants to narrow down and focus on a smaller number of Subscribers that he selected himself, there wasn't a simple solution - until now!

My List enables each user to create their own, unique, personal subset out of all Subscribers. That list can be as short or long as required. And it’s super easy to add or remove a Subscriber with a single click to My List. Here are options:

  • using the Subscriber List 
  • using the Leads List
  • using the Subscriber Details view

My List feature

The new My List can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • using the Subscriber List to filter for My List
  • from the Subscriber Menu and the new item My List
  • from the Home screen widget Shortcuts which now has a My List option.

All the existing functions such as exporting the list, or adding Notes to My List Subscribers work the same as before.