Flow Automation is the most effective method for delivering decision-based sequences of emails over a period of time, using customer interaction.

With our Emailer solution, creating even advanced multi-stage campaigns is easy.

Selections of automated actions, known as ‘workflows’, are commonly used for automating digital processes such as:

  • Driving decisions and actions over a specific time period
  • Reminders
  • Providing complex, comprehensive information in a sequence
  • Automatically follow up on customer actions (or non-action)
  • and more

How does it work in Komobility and Emailer?

Workflows are triggered when a user is assigned a specific tag by, for example, filling in a web form. Subsequent actions within the workflow are then generated dependent on a range of options that are defined within the workflow, such as:

  • Email engagement: e.g. has clicked, did not click, opened, did not open
  • User tags: e.g. tagged with, not tagged with
  • Delays in time: from 1 minute to any number of days

What’s the benefit?

Flow Automation is a highly effective way of engaging your customers and fulfilling their specific needs by providing them with bespoke and intuitive user journeys. And since it is preset and automated, it can be a signficant time and resource saver. By sitting down and planning through a workflow, you ensure brand and message consistency, and can guarantee a smooth customer jourrney, and subsequently, improved engagement and results, whatever your KPIs.

What’s more, how you use automation to create customised workflows is completely up to you – the possibilities are endless!

Take a test drive now

To show you in real-time how Emailer Automation works, we have designed a test journey for you to follow. Simply click on the link below to experience a multi-step campaign, as a customer/consumer:


Getting started

Emailer Flow Automation is now available to all Emailer module customers. Get in touch with the team to arrange next steps.