You can now add Markers to highlight specific days and events in your Budget Report. 

How does it work?

This new feature allows you to create and add titles (markers) at certain points, which appear on your current budget reports. There can be multiple markers on a report which can then exported or printed for management review.

For example: You have a report highlighting Budget vs New Subscribers. Your graph can have custom markers at points, dates and peaks during ongoing campaigns used to bring in subscribers.

What's the benefit?

The budget report markers allow you to highlight important points, such as peaks on your budget goals and predictions displayed on your data. This information is then displayed on your graphs. This feature is optional and does not effect any data on your reports. Adding markers are a great way present information for review.

How to get started

This feature is readily avaliable. To use the budget markers, you create and access them under the budget report menu. We have an easy guide that details the steps. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibilities.