Emojis are becoming increasingly popular not just on Twitter, but also in Email Marketing. So here's a tip how to use them in our Emailer module.

A picture can say a thousand words after all right? So why not try using an Emoji in your subject line:

When to use them?

Emojis may not be for everyone, here are some things to consider before using them:

  • Will it fit your brand and tone? An emoji may seem unprofessional but used well they can work.
  • There are still some potential rendering issues in some email clients. Be sure to run a litmus test.

When using an emoji here’s a handy list to reference:

  • Be creative! Look at the words you’d like use and try to see if any can be replaced with symbols.
  • Try to be relevant – Try to think about tying your emoji to the subject content
  • Test run – run a split test to see how your audience responds.
  • Less is more -  don’t overdo it with the emojis. It doesn’t have to be every email and the subject doesn’t need to contain many to be effective.

How to use

Adding the emoji symbol is simple; copy and paste.

Emailer supports adding the emoji by copying and pasting directly into the subject field.

You can copy from various sources online, here are just a few: