We are all familiar with the concept of receiving discounts and deals from high street brands and restaurant chains; whether that's via direct mail or email marketing. Often times they mark a specific season sale or something happening in the consumer calendar, such as festive holidays or national events. Still underrated though are the personalised, CRM-led campaigns such as birthday promotions.

Capturing your subscribers' exact birthday can be a sticky situation, given that it is personal information and for many reasons individuals are skeptical to provide it as willingly as they may an email address.

TIP #1: Capture birth month rather than full birth date and year for a less sinister feel for the marketing pessimists out there!

So long as you are transparent about your intended use for the data, you're likely to be more successful. What's more, if this is a new data field you're looking to start capturing consider ways to make it more appealing.

For example, one great way is to incentivise your subscribers in some way. Boux Avenue provided a discount code for those who updated their information on the day of the campaign and gave them entry to win a £150 gift card.


Yes it is very nice to wish subscribers a happy birthday but it is key to determine what your goal or call to action of the campaign should be. For most B2C companies the desired result is either bums-on-seats or encouraging a higher spend value on a single shopping trip.

Many restaurant chains tend to offer the same deal for birthdays: free wine or dessert.

TIP #2: Stand out from the crowd, analyse what your competitors are offering. Can you offer something better without sacrificing revenue? If not, try something different, for example here Pizza Express offer 'celebration experiences' in addition to the free prosecco.

What about B2B though? Depending on sector, you may wish to increase engagement by holding monthly competitions to win a prize. If you already have the data, then you'll need to consider campaign launch inviting those to opt-in to your competition updates. If you're yet to collect the data, see the aforementioned example from Boux Avenue which can be easily adapted for this situation.

What to offer? Of course this depends on what your company does. Think about what your subscribers have in common and consider something relevant to offer them.


We recommend creating birthday segments based on month.

Send the campaign roughly one week before the new month in order to capture as many subscribers more accurately.

If you're using tracked deal codes, we recommend repeating the campaign two weeks into the month if your offer hasn't yet been redeemed. Mention that there is an end date to the deal if applicable to encourage engagement.

Want to know more? Get in touch with your account manager to find out how CRM led birthday campaigns could boost your marketing.