The new normal

Adapting to change

Since the first lockdown caused by Covid, our team are working remotely, from home, with daily virtual stand-ups and client meetings.

As a digital-focussed business we are lucky to be well-equipped and experienced in remote working, project and team management.

We are using Online tools to work with and support our clients seamlessly, and have adopted our own CRM platform to help our users change their business processes where needed to adjust to the "new normal".

We believe that science and data are key to helping all of us manage life and work during the current pandemic, and hopefully will be used to better prepare us for future such events.

Our Sectors

Property & the Arts

We have significant experience in delivering digital projects in two sectors, housebuilders (with a focus on affordable housing) and the musical arts, orchestras and venues.

We also service a range of clients in other B2B and B2C sectors.

What we make

Sites Forms APIs

Apart from our own platform, we build digital touchpoints such as responsive websites, mobile apps, capture forms, email templates and more. We work with our clients to define and create effective user journeys, workflows, custom modules on our platform.

We provide business analysis and project management services.

We enable connections from and to our platform using APIs, and support designers and developers with embedding content and data capture functions into other digital channels.

Let's talk

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Reg Office: 80-83 Long Lane | Barbican | London

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